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Minhou-The Town for Arts and Crafts
From the Minhou County Economic and Trade Bureau data display, in 2009, Minhou county has more than 500 arts and crafts enterprises, realize the industrial output value of 3740000000 yuan, employees of crafts reached nearly 100000 people, accounting for nearly 1/6 of the total population of the county. This year, Minhou county will be the implementation of land use tax rebates, promptly deliver on export tax rebate and a series of preferential policies for the arts and crafts enterprises, promote innovation, development of Arts and crafts enterprises; actively guide the small enterprises to achieve transformation; encourage crafts enterprises adapt to the development of domestic sales of products. In addition, the county has set out a plan to build a crafts exhibition city in Baisha Town, to further expand domestic and foreign markets, improve the visibility and influence of Minhou arts and crafts, the traditional industry bigger and stronger.
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