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Custom Service Since 2008

Handling customized designs and dimensions with 9 years’expertise

Kingdeful is specializing in Wholesale Vintage Decor Lines

1.All models are made by hand by our highly experienced artisans

2. Our materials comply with California 93210 and E1 standards

3. Exporting 100% of output; small mixed orders welcome

4. Releasing over 1,000 new designs annually


21 Years Owner's Vintage Home Decor Industry Experience

21 Years Owner's Vintage Home Decor Industry Experience
Kingdeful keeps releasing 1200 of new designs yearly, for your different demands and choices, it can be also customized based on your exclusive design.
Kingdeful Factory is located in one of the famous wooden crafts industrial zones in Fujian, China.We export to Europe, America and some other countries in Middle-East etc perennial.


Vintage Home Decor

Welcome to Kingdeful Arts & Crafts. We hope you enjoy browsing our vintage home furnishings and gifts. Kingdeful is an aspiring company full of luxurious chic and a vintage style. With inspired designs and a high quality guaranteed, we provide some exquisite items, which will bring any room to life and welcome you into a vintage style. The quality products you will find on this site are part of the Kingdeful Living Range. They have all been carefully designed and selected to enhance your home. Our factory includes collections of vintage furniture, bedside tables, storage trunks, chest of drawers and decorative boxes and so on.


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